Why "Blue Park" Books?

We lived in Chicago when we started our family, and less than a block from where we lived is a tiny little playground called Blue Park.  The kids call it "Blue Park" because it's covered with a blue rubber surface that keeps you safe.  When our children were little, we went there almost every day.  It was a place for us to be together as a family— but it was also a place that brought us together with friends and the community. 

satellite image of blue park

"Blue Park" is something that we wanted to take with us now that have moved from Chicago.  The mission of Blue Park Books, is similar—To bring you closer together with your family and friends.

Our hope is that the books we publish will give you opportunities to connect with the ones you love!  Please join us on this journey as we expand Blue Park Books with future books and media that "BRING US TOGETHER."

chalk drawing