Why Grandpa Loves to Fish: A Simple Explanation

book review 

It's not easy to pen a really good fishing book, but this book is so much more than a fishing book, because fishing is so much more than just about fishing.  The story will make you smile on the outside and on the inside. 

 Grandpas will want to read it to their grandchildren. The Grandkids will say when are we going fishing Grandpa? The best music ever for the ears and the hearts of every Grandpa.

Created and written by Curt Wilkinson in honor of his Father and Grandpa, the book sells for $14.95, and for every Grandpa that has taken his grandsons and granddaughters fishing, a copy received from them will be worth a million smiles.

You can order a copy at www.blueparkbooks.com

Bait my hook Grandpa!

Also available on Amazon Amazon Link

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